Projet VII – WIP

Projet VII – WIP

Il est temps d’aborder mon projet de court métrage un peu plus en détails. Aujourd’hui je partage avec vous des images sur la création d’un des personnages du film dans un style japanime. Le but à atteindre pour ce perso est une amélioration de mes compétences en ce qui concerne les textures, la simulation de vêtements et de cheveux.

Let’s talk a little about that short movie project. Today I’m gonna share the “Nevermore” piece, the most anime-like part of the movie including, of course, CG characters.
The 1st character seems to be a female in armor and is done at 80%, missing parts are hair style and skin textures. I’m actually working on the inner cloth modeling.
The goal to reach on that character is to mainly improve my texturing and cloth/hair simulation skills.

Some work in progress of the body and its different parts:

Model based on Rei Ayanami body shape

That reminds me something ^^

Testing Ddo workflow

Experimenting old fashioned velvet shader before switching to a leather look for the dress

Glove and it’s armor final look

Having fun with Ndo2 to paint seams on a messy geometry

Knald is a great help too, for quickly generating generic maps

Voici une vidéo accélérée sur la création des textures métalliques / Here you can find a timelapse video about the basic creation of the scratch metal textures

A suivre: Turntable complet du personnage / What’s next: Final character’s Turntable.